1940 Fireman Moore awarded George Medal

August 24th 1940 “

Firemen Moore and Auxiliary Fireman Herbert J Wells were reporting to their station, when a bomb exploded near them.  Wells sustained a very severe laceration of the abdomen and was gravely injured.  Fm. Moore received two splinter wounds in the right thigh and suffered from shock.  The enemy then machine gunned them and Moore received three bullets in the left arm, one making a hole through the arm whilst another severed an artery.  A further bullet injured his left wrist.  Although bleeding profusely, Moore dragged his comrade to a more sheltered spot and then tried to carry him to a First Aid Post.  Wells was a very big man and Moore, being much smaller, found the task impossible.  Moore then staggered the 300 yards to the First Aid Post to report the condition of his comrade.  An ambulance was at once dispatched and Wells was taken to the General  Hospital where he died three days later. Fireman Moore was in hospital for three weeks”.  

Auxiliary Fireman E.J. Moore was awarded a George Medal for his actions.